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About Us


About Us
Our Organization.

The Association of Former International Civil Servants in Kenya (AFICS-Kenya) is a member of the worldwide Federation of Associations of Former International Civil Servants (FAFICS) of the United Nations.
The association was establised to represent the common interests of its members, advocate on their behalf and provide guidance to enhance their well-being.
AFICS-Kenya is affliated to the UN system in Kenya and its main purpose is to serve the needs of all former international civil servants of UN and its relevant agencies.

Our Vision

To promote the interests and enhance the well being of our members.

Our Mission

We are a volunteer-led,non-governmental organisation of former international civil servants, working together to improve the quality of the lives of our members.

Our Core Values

They include:
1. Intergrity - Acting with honesty and truthfulness.
2. Openness - Encouraging all members to openly share the their views and opinions.
3. Unity - Working together to build relationships to create added value for members.
4. Respect - Treating members with mutual respect and appreciating their contributions.
5. Teamwork - Supporting each other's efforts to meet shared goals.
6. Accountability - Accepting responsibility for one's own actions.

Our Objectives

They include:
1. Assist members to access their pensions and after-service medical insurance.
2. Share useful and relevant information from the Federation of Associations of Former International Civil Servants of the United Nations.
3. Advise and assist former international civil servants and those about to leave service.
4.Represent the interests of its members within the United Nations system and with the host government.
5. Organise periodic get-togethers for members to foster social and personal relationships.
6. Support and promote the objectives and activities of the United Nations.

Benefits of being an AFICS-K member

  • In liaison with UNDSS, we assist the UN retirees to access the UN complex through ground passes or booking in of members through the UNON portal.
  • Assisting members with their pension issues in liaison with the UNJSPF; this includes change of beneficiaries, accessing/creating the MSS account, accessing their Certificate of entitlement.
  • Assisting members to get a permanent residence to stay in Kenya without government lengthy procedures.
  • Maintaining a pool of expertise within the former international civil servants in their retirement through the AFICS-K consultancies.
  • Conducting social events such as AFICS anniversaries, luncheons, dinner to promote the welfare and wellbeing of members. Members get to meet, network and expand their friendships.
  • Creating a unique community of former international civil servants with shared cultural diversity, ideals, and continued common links to the work of the United Nations system.
  • Keeping members informed on the latest developments on pension benefit management and investment issues. The AFICS/K Governing Board actively advocates on behalf of member concerns and ensures no erosion of benefits.
  • Keeping up to date on After Service Health Insurance/ benefits and premiums by reminding members on deadlines. In liaison with CIGNA, AFICS-K holds briefings that discuss various topics related to health insurance, ASHI entitlements and procedures, easy processing of claims and reimbursements.
  • Sharing up-to-date, easy to understand information on: volunteer opportunities; permanent residences; ways to keep personal information up-to-date; and, assist other members in need of support
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