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    AFICS Consultancy services
    The AFICS-Kenya Consultancy section is part of AFICS-Kenya, a non-governmental organization
    affiliated to the United Nations system. The Association draws its membership from among the
    citizens of many countries who reside in Kenya having served the United Nations and/or related
    organizations in Kenya and other regions of the world. AFICS-Kenya provides consultancy services
    to governmental and non-governmental entities as well as to the private sector through its consultancy
    section, known as AFICS Consultancy services.

One of the main objectives of Afics-Kenya Consultancy Services is to maintain a multidisciplinary pool of experts for the provision of development-oriented services and skills-based voluntary assistance. The consultancy section offers a range of integrated professional services in a broad variety of areas concerned with sustainable development and related field. Afics-Kenya Consultancy Services aims to be a leader in the field of social and economic development by providing enhanced services that are cost-effective and of an extremely high quality.

AFICS-Kenya Consultancy will provide quality services that match the highest expectations of our clients and partners. Moreover, we are determined to build long-term relationships with those clients and partners in order to enhance our service provision. We believe that our clients’ success is our success.

The core values of AFICS-Kenya Consultancy include:

  • Treating our clients and partners with respect and dignity
  • Supporting creativity and innovation
  • Instilling honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our work
  • Promoting fairness, diversity and equality
  • Subscribing to a multidisciplinary work approach

Starting in Kenya, we intend to expand our services over time to other parts of East Africa and beyond, aiming:

  • To develop a strong base of Kenyan clients and partners
  • To build a solid reputation in the field of sustainable development and related areas
  • To become a key player and partner in development