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AFICS-Kenya is affliated to the UN system in Kenya and its main purpose is to serve the needs of all former international civil servants of UN and its relevant agencies.

AFICS-Kenya Membership

Membership to AFICS-Kenya is open to any person who has retired from UN and its relevant bodies or any person still in service and not more than five years from retirement.

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AFICS-Kenya relation to FAFICS

AFICS-Kenya is a member of the worldwide Federation of Associations of Former International Civil Servants (FAFICS) of the United Nations located in Geneva.

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AFICS-Kenya Consultancy

The AFICS-Kenya offers consultancy services. The consultancy section is part of AFICS-Kenya, a non-governmental organization affiliated to the United Nations system.

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Why Join Afics

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    To be a part of the unique community of former international civil servants with shared cultural diversity, ideals, and continued common links to the work of the United Nations system.

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    To stay informed on the latest developments on pension benefit management and investment issues. The AFICS/KE Governing Board actively advocates on behalf of member concerns and ensures no erosion of benefits.

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    To enjoy social events, activities and workshops organized by AFICS/KE promoting the welfare and wellbeing of members.

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    To make new friends and keep in touch with former colleagues through the AFICS/KE Website, Directory and Bulletin.

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Membership to AFICS-Kenya is open to any person who has retired from UN and its relevant bodies or any person still in service and not more than five years from retirement


  • 1. A one-time registration fees payment of $100 for retired professionals or $ 50 for retired Nationals.
  • 2. Annual subscriptions fees of Kshs 10,000 for Professionals and Kshs 5,000 for Nationals.

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Our Team Member

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Amb. Dr. John. O. Kakonge

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Ms. Rebecca Katumba

1st Vice-President
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Prof. Linda

2nd Vice-President
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Mr. James

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Ms. Awinda

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Mr. Jason Onsembe

Deputy Secretary
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Ms. Deborah Rutihinda

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Ms. Nasreen Mir





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3rd May 2024 About Image 2

Announcements Digital Certificate of Entitlement (DCE)-3rd May 2024

We have received a communication from the UN joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF) in New York. They are planning a mission to Nairobi from 29 April to 3 May 2024 and would like to meet AFICS-Kenya members primarily to raise awareness on the use of Digital Certificate of Entitlement (DCE) and also to discuss how to improve the waiting time for establishing survivor benefits.
Moreover, the mission would like to help enroll new members and issue our 2024 DCEs. They would like to meet AFICS-Kenya members on 3rd May 2024. Please ensure that all of you attend.

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